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What Is Your Prom Dress Style? Take This Quiz To Find Out

by Ada Lalia 21 Feb 2022 0 Comments

Prom season is fast approaching. It is the most exciting night of the whole year for high-schoolers.  Shopping for a prom dress is super fun but choosing the prom style can be a little daunting. There are many prom dress styles out there like sequined, long, short, high-low and more and it can be difficult to find a dress that looks unique but represents your style.

Your prom dress is a big deal and you want to find something that is totally you and that you would look gorgeous while jamming on the dance floor.  It is time consuming to check every store at the mall to look for your prom dress.  Shopping for a prom dress should be simple and quick and here is a quiz you can take to find out what styles suit you.  When you answer these questions, you will know what prom dress style will fit you the most.

Let's start the fun quiz below.


Does your Instagram consists of :

  1. Selfies with friends, your pet or landscape?
  2. Pictures of outfit or makeup?


When You Are Looking To Buy A New Book

  1. Do you browse the bookstore
  2. Check out Amazon and download from there?

Who Would You Go Prom Dress Shopping With?
1. Your mom
2. Your best friend?

How Do You Tie Your Hair Up?
1. Black hair ties and bobby pins?
2. Headbands and scrunchies?

When Scrolling Through Netflix,
1. Do you watch the same romcom again?

  1. Catch the new docuseries that your friends have been talking about?

What part of prom is more important to you?
1. The Dance
2. The After Party

Your best friend often texts you when she needs
1. Advice on crush
2. Fashion?

Your favorite outfit is
1. Skinny jeans, tee and white sneakers
2. Ripped jeans, heel booties and big statement hoops

What is your favorite way to spend the weekend?
1. Getting manicures with friends
2. Watching Vloggers on Youtube

Which hairstyle would you try for prom?
1. 20s finger waves
2. An intricate updo with glittering clips

If you can be a guest on a TV show which one would it be?
1. Riverdale
2. Stranger Things

You Wear Heels
1. Special occasion
2. Pretty much everywhere

If You Are Not Going To Prom, You'd Be
1. Throwing your own dance party
2. What? That's not happening

Your Favorite Color Is

How Do You Plan To Go Prom
1. Hitching a ride with friends
2. Limo, of course

Your Favorite To Dance Song Is
1. You Belong To Me by Taylor Swift
2. Party In The USA by Miley Cyrus

Your Phone Is Mostly Filled With
1. Photos of your friends
2. Memes or screenshots

If you answer mostly Number1, then you should wear a glamorous gown. This is because you tend to lean towards classic and timeless look. As you will be spending money on your prom outfit, you would want a dress that withstand the test of time. This doesn’t mean a simple dress.  A long dress with embellishment like this gorgeous A-line light blue prom dress is perfect. This is a dress that you would still want to wear in 5 years’ time.


Light Blue Prom Dress White Lace

Image from

This A-line Tulle Lace Prom Dress is another timeless design that you may want to take a look.


Lace Champagne Prom Dresses

Image from

If you answer mostly Number 2, you would need a drama-rama gown. You need a unique prom dress that no one has seen before. A trendy prom dress that still serve the prom vibe is what you should choose. This sexy yellow number is a definition of trendy and still look elegant for prom.


2022 Yellow Prom Dress

Image from Here

Since prom is just like the high school equivalent of the Oscars, why not go all-out and wear a statement dress? This red A-line prom dress will definitely turn heads as you walk into the room.


2022 A Line Prom Dresses Red Lace

Image from Here


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