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How Many Different Prom Dress Styles That You Can Choose

by Ada Lalia 22 Feb 2022 0 Comments

Shopping for prom dresses is very exciting and it can also be a tad overwhelming.  This is because there are so many types of formal gowns and dresses available and on top of that, there are also many terms that describe the style, design, neckline and length of the prom dress.  It is important to familiarize with the prom dress features to make the ultimate fashion statement. In order to make life easier and to reduce stress while shopping for a prom dress, ahead are some helpful terms and definitions as a guide for all things prom dresses.


Types Of Prom Dress Styles

The right silhouette will accentuate the body type comfortably and leave you feeling confident throughout the prom night.  These are some of the more popular prom dress silhouettes and styles:

  • Ball Gown - This magical fairytale-like silhouette is perfect for any girl who has ever wanted to be a princess. Ball gown dress feature a fitted bodice or corseted top and a full flared skirt.


Royal Blue Prom Dresses Ball gown

Image from Royal Blue Prom Dresses 2022


  • Fit & Flare Prom Dresses- This design dresses feature a fitted bodice and a flared skirt that starts just below the hip.


Long Maxi Dress White Prom Dresses


Image from White Long Prom Dresses Maxi Dress

  • A-Line Prom Dresses - This design is a slimmer looking ball gown.  The A-line dresses feature a fitted bodice to the waist and hips.  The skirt gradually widens to create a beautiful A-shape silhouette.


Champagne Lace Prom Dresses


  • Mermaid Prom Dresses - Mermaid gowns often create an ethereal and enchanting shape that is extremely fitted.  The dress hugs the length of the body from the bust to the knee.  Then the skirt starts to flare out into a romantic skirt like the shape of a mermaid's tail. Mermaid gowns flare immediately at or below the knee.


UK Lace Prom Dresses 2022

Image from Lace Prom Dresses 2022 UK


  • Trumpet Skirt Dress - The Trumpet silhouette is a style that is like the Fit and Flare and the Mermaid dress. This look features a fitted bodice that gradually starts to flare out, starting from the hips. As the name suggests, the skirt resembles the shape of a trumpet’s bell.


Sexy Long Red Prom Dresses


Image from Sexy Red Prom Dresses Long

  • Sheath Prom Dress - This style follows the natural flow and shape of the body, creating a narrow shape from the neckline down to the hem for an effortlessly stunning look. Sheath dresses are usually lighter than fuller skirt dresses such as A-lines and ball gowns.


Simple Satin Silk Prom Dresses

Image from Long Green Prom Dresses Canada

  • High Low Prom Dress - This design features a zigzag vertically at the hemline.  It is short in front and long at the back.


High Low Navy Blue Prom Dresses

Image from High Low Navy Blue Prom Dresses


Types of Prom Dress Sleeves

Spaghetti straps are thin straps with no sleeves. Cap sleeves are short and they cover only the upper arms and shoulders. Juliet sleeves are sleeves that are puffy at the shoulders and taper all the way to the wrist. .

White Sequin Prom Dresses 2022


Different Types Of Necklines

One of the important factors to consider when choosing a prom dress is the necklines.  A sweetheart neckline looks like the top of a heart. An empire neckline scoops out and connects with a high waistline. A jewel neckline is a simple and round neckline that is located just above the collarbone. The boat neckline or bandeau comes around to each collarbone,


Cheap Lace Champagne Prom Dresses



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