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2024 the Most Popular Wedding Dress Silhouettes Guide

by Ada Lalia 21 Oct 2023 0 Comments

After you are engaged, the next Yes you will be saying is finding your dream wedding gown. Wedding dress shopping is an exciting and fun experience to complete your wedding planning journey. There are so many options available and it can be rather daunting to find what is suitable. A good place to start off with is the silhouettes. You will have a good starting point by narrowing down a few of the most popular dress shapes that are available. When you understand the wedding dress silhouettes, you will be able to come one step closer to defining your bridal style. Let's dive in!

Mermaid Wedding Dresses

This is by far the most unique wedding dress style. The mermaid silhouette is defined by the skirt that flares out at or below the knees. It will look like the tail of the mermaid so that is why this silhouette is known as such. It is similar to a trumpet style and hugs the bust and hips tightly. The mermaid silhouette looks stunning on women who have well-defined hourglass figure. A mermaid wedding gown can be rather restricting and if you plan to dance all night long, then you may want a different dress silhouette or perhaps another reception dress.

Lace White Wedding Dresses Long Sleeves

Image - Lace White Wedding Dresses Long Sleeves

Trumpet Wedding Dresses

For brides who are looking for a slimming and sexy style, opt for a trumpet silhouette. This dress will hug each and every curve before subtly flaring outwards from around the knees. The difference between a trumpet silhouette and a mermaid silhouette is that this dress hits higher than a mermaid. Therefore, it is less restrictive and allow easier movement. A trumpet wedding dress is ideal for brides who want to flaunt their butts and hips.

Vintage Lace Wedding Dresses

Image - Vintage Lace Wedding Dresses 2024

Column or Sheath Wedding Dresses

A column or sheath wedding dress is a beautiful and underrated silhouette. Although  it is a simple style, it has a modern and timeless look. This style is form-fitting and follows the body’s natural curve. It is an elegant option for a bride who wants to make a statement. A sheath wedding dress looks best on tall as well as petite bride.

Simple Beach Wedding Dresses

Image - Simple Beach Wedding Dresses 2024

Ballgown Wedding Dresses

A ballgown is best for brides who have been dreaming of a fairytale wedding. The ballgown silhouette feature a fitted bodice with a cinch waist and a full skirt. For brides who want a ballgown, the bigger the skirt the better. This dress style is best suited for curvy or pear shaped brides.

Cheap Satin 2024 Wedding Dresses

Image - Cheap Satin 2024 Wedding Dresses

A-line Wedding Dresses

A line wedding gowns are by far the most popular dress silhouettes. A-line dresses are similar to the letter A which is narrow at the top and gets wider towards the bottom from the hips onward. This dress is very popular because it looks stunning on every body shape and sizes. It is flattering, comfortable and romantic.

Lace Ivory Wedding Dresses 2024

Image - Lace Ivory Wedding Dresses 2024

Tea-Length Wedding Dresses

Tea-length wedding dress exudes a youthful vibe and it is a hit with retro brides. As it is the same shape as A-line wedding dress, almost everyone can wear it. This wedding dress silhouette allows you to show off some legs.

Tea Length Wedding Dresses Half Sleeves

Image - Tea Length Wedding Dresses Half Sleeves


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