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Everything You Need To Know About The Different Wedding Dress Trains

by Ada Lalia 18 Aug 2023 0 Comments

If you are searching for the perfect wedding dress but are not sure what are the different types of trains, well this article is for you. Wedding dresses with trains have been worn for centuries. The trains were used to showcase the wealth of the brides. Now, wedding dress trains have become a trend. A train is an extension of the wedding gown from the hem or from the waist. The trains usually trail behind the bride as she walks down the aisle for dramatic effect.

There are many different train options to fit the bridal style. These bridal trains could be the same fabric or different fabric than the wedding dress. They are also available in a variety of shapes and lengths. Trying to decide which style and length is right for you can pose a challenge. The first thing to consider is the type of wedding you are planning to have. Where is it taking place and the level of formality?  A wedding in a church or ballroom calls for a cathedral train or royal train as longer trains work better indoor. However this type of train is not suitable for wedding on the beach or if the bride wants to dance the night away.

What Are The Different Wedding Dress Trains

Detachable Train

For the bride who does not want to worry about damaging the train when she is on the dance floor, the detachable train is an ideal choice. Wedding dresses with detachable trains are one of the most popular styles now because of their ability to offer two different looks. They are also great to take the wedding train weight off.  Typically, this versatile train style is attached to the shoulders or the upper back and fastens at the waist using invisible snaps, hooks and eyes or a belt.

Long Sleeves Wedding Dresses Detachable Train


Court Train

A court train extends from the waist of the wedding dress instead of the hem of the dress for a more dramatic and voluminous look. It trails on the ground and is between one and two and a half feet.

Lace Vintage UK Wedding Dresses


Royal Train

The royal train is the largest train styles and is often seen at royal weddings. This type of train extends over 8 feet long. Think Princess Diana's 25-foot long train on her wedding day.

Lace Wedding Gowns With Sleeves


Cathedral Train

The cathedral train features a full skirt and usually extends to about 7 feet long. This train is heavy and makes moving around harder. Weddings at large venues will be able to showcase the full impact of this train. Although it is harder to move around, wedding dresses with cathedral trains look beautiful in photos.

Lace Ivory Wedding Dresses With Train


Watteau Train

This train attaches at the upper back or shoulder of a wedding gown. It flows out higher and touches the floor in the back. A Watteau train can also be extended further for a bit of drama.


Lace Wedding Dresses One Shoulder


Sweep Train 

The sweep train barely touches the floor and is also known as a brush train. This train style is an excellent choice for weddings held outdoors. It is perfect with a mermaid or fit and flare wedding gown. 

Ball Gown Vestido Wedding Dresses Lace



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