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How To Choose The Best 2022 Prom Dresses For Your Body Shape

by Ada Lalia 16 Feb 2022 0 Comments

The prom night has to be the most important night for many students in their last year at school.  This is the reason why choosing the most appropriate dress for the occasion is the key to making prom unforgettable. Not every girl or woman has the same body shape and size.  The way one looks in a dress can vary drastically. Some women are still confused about what flatters their bodies best.  In this article, we will explore what are the different body types and the best skirt style that will flatter them.

Different Body Types

Apple Shape - Girls with apple body shapes have wider busts and waists than their hips. The best prom dress skirt to suit this body shape will be one that enhances the waist as much as possible.  Opt for a dress with V-neckline or asymmetrical strap.  Ball gowns or halter neck prom dresses are the best bet.


Pear Shape - Those who have a pear shape body have a wider hip and thigh area whilst the upper body is slimmer. The ideal prom dress would be one that can hide the wideness of the hips to balance the body.  Focus the attention on the bust.  Strapless prom dresses or sweetheart neckline prom dresses in A-line silhouette are a great choice for pear shape body types.


Lace Prom Dresses 2022 Red

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Inverted Triangle Shape - Gils with this body shape often have a larger bust area than their waists and hips.  As such, do avoid attention on the shoulders like single strapped dresses or straight cut necklines. Prom dresses with V-neck and plenty of volume from the waist downwards are a better choice.

Blue Evening Gowns Lace


Hourglass Shape - Girls who have an hourglass figure will have equally same sized bust and hips but with a slimmer waist. The ideal prom dress style would be a mermaid dress.  Figure-hugging dresses can enhance the hourglass figure and make one look stunning. Strapless dresses will also focus the attention on the bust and waistline.


Image from Here


Rectangular Shape - A rectangular body shape is a figure that has the same width measurement for the waist, hips and bust. Therefore, it is best to create the illusion of curves for this straight figure.  To find the perfect prom dress, choose dresses that have many layers and volume. Opt for bright colors such as blues, reds and yellows. Dresses with wide brims and those that enhance your waist with details such as belts or horizontal lines are ideal.


Lace Champagne Prom Dresses UK


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Additional tips

If you want to look taller in a prom dress, opt for short skirts. If you prefer a long prom dress, then look for high-waist dresses or skirts. Remember to avoid skirts that cut below the knee because this will make your legs look shorter. Either choose short skirts or full length skirts.

Green Two Piece Sequin Prom Dress


For girls who want to look slimmer in a prom dress, choose darker prom dress colors such as black, emerald green or navy blue.

Satin Silk Prom Dresses Green Evening Dress

Once you know your body type, it is easy to narrow down your search to dresses that you know will flatter your figure.  Wear your dress with confidence and you will look amazing.


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