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Ideas For Choosing The Quinceanera Color Scheme

by Ada Lalia 17 Feb 2022 0 Comments

One of the most important quinceanera planning decisions is to choose the color scheme. The colors for your celebration will depend on the color of your dress and your theme. The color scheme will also be based on your preference and what color combinations you are drawn to. Perhaps you have always loved blue or the combination of black and red.  You may decide to just have a color scheme and not really do a quince theme at all.

What Are The Basics?

Quinceanera color schemes usually consist of 2 to 3 colors.  There are themes that require it to be more colorful and you can easily use 4 or more colors.  One of the examples is the Mexican Hacienda theme.  For a soft and simple look, you can pair the main color with white. If you like dramatic looks, match the color up with black. Silver or gold will complement many colors too. Yellow and white would pair nicely with gold while grey and salmon would look lovely with some touches of silver.

Embroidery Gold Quinceanera Dresses

As a matter of fact, there really are no rules and it is nothing wrong with designing with your own color combination. If you are more of a neutral color person like cream, tan and brown, then go for it. Although these may not be the typical quinceanera colors but if that is what you like, it would make a really elegant color scheme.

Single Color Quinceanera

Sometimes, you may choose to use just one color for your party. All white parties are popular where you even ask your guests to wear white to match to your theme. A Red Roses theme would call for an abundance of red. It is definitely alright to just have one color.

Color Schemes with 2 Colors

Quinceanera color schemes with two colors can help you to keep it simple. Black and white is a good example of this. When you are only looking for decorations or quinceanera dresses in black and white, it is easy to narrow down your options. With two colors, it is easier to focus and target. Other popular choices for two colors include red/black, purple/pink,  navy, baby blue/white, pink/black, gold/white, pink/silver, red/gold, and lime green/turquoise.

Color Schemes with 3 Colors

Themes with 3 colors can open up your options for decorating and you can mix and match these colors. Sometimes having that third color really pulls your look together. Ahead are some of the three color combo ideas that you may want to consider.

Baby Blue, White and Silver

This color combination would make a nice color scheme for a Paris, Stars or Polka Dots themes or Cinderella theme. You could go with a white dress, baby blue damas dresses and grey chambelanes suits.

Deep Purple, Green and Gold

This is the color combo you would use for a traditional Mardi Gras Masquerade theme. You could substitute the gold for yellow for a brighter look.

Hot Pink, Dark Purple and Blue

This lovely combination looks really pretty and is suitable for a variety of themes like Arabian Nights, Masquerade, Candy theme, and Princess theme.  This elegant royal blue Quinceanera dress with cape is the perfect dress for this night.

Image from Royal Blue Ball Gown Sweet 16 Quinceanera Dress

Turquoise, Purple and Pink

This is a really lovely quinceanera color combo that is perfect for a Miami Nights theme. They could also be used for a Masquerade Ball and Hawaiian Luau.  Here is a beautiful off-shoulder lace purple Quinceanera dress for your big night.

Off Shoulder Lace Quinceanera Dresses

Image from Here

Mint, Pink and Gold

Mint, pink and gold are very soft and beautiful color combinations for any event besides Quinceanera. It actually works perfectly with many themes because this color combo is absolutely stunning. Some of the themes include Miami Nights, Beach theme, Tea Party, Princess, Butterfly, Ballet and Paris theme.  This off-shoulder ball gown is the perfect choice for this theme.


Lace Pink Quinceanera Dresses

Image from Here

Red, Yellow And Light Blue

This vibrant color scheme is ideal for a Candyland theme, Bollywood theme, Miami Nights, Hawaiian, and Las Vegas themes. It is nice for a summertime quinceanera.

Red Quinceanera Dresses

So what is your favorite combination of quinceanera colors?



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