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Winter Guest Outfits That Will Vow

by Ada Lalia 24 Nov 2023 0 Comments

There is a lot to love about winter weddings. The festive vibe to holiday decorations to the rich colored outfits and sumptuous food, everything is cozy and glamorous. When it comes to what to wear to a winter wedding, there is more to think about.  As the weather is cold, you may be wondering about the fabric of the outfit, the sleeve length and the extra layers you may need.

The first thing is to consider the theme and the venue of the wedding. If it is an indoor affair in an elegant ballroom, you may choose a classic and formal dress like long dresses or chic cocktail dresses in rich winter hues.  If it is an outdoor wedding, you may need a stylish coat or shawl to keep you warm while looking stylish.

If you are not sure what to wear to a winter wedding, well worry not because below are some of the favorite winter wedding guest dresses from MyChicDress that will instantly put you in the party mood.

Best Winter Wedding Dresses For Every Budget

Any of these dresses below will certainly make you the best-dressed guest at that winter wedding.

A-Line Dresses

Dresses in A-line silhouette are universally flattering and work well for winter weddings. These dresses create a graceful silhouette and for sleeveless styles, you can always pair it with a shawl to keep warm.

Sage Green winter guest outfits

Image - Sage Green satin winter guest outfits


Long-Sleeved Dresses

Long sleeved guest wedding dresses not only add warmth but also give a sophisticated and elegant look. Find dresses with lace or sheer sleeves for an elegant and whimsical touch.


Long Sleeves red guest outfits

Image - Long Sleeves red guest outfits


Velvet Dresses

Velvet is the perfect fabric for winter. It is soft, luxe-looking and keeps you warm. You can opt for a velvet gown or a knee-length velvet dress For a timeless winter-ready look, you may want to consider this long burnt orange velvet gown as it is a gorgeous option that delivers a glamorous effect effortlessly.


Velvet Burnt Orange Formal Dress

 Image - Velvet Burnt Orange Formal Dress

High Neck Dresses

You would want to be more covered up when the mercury drops so if you want to look sophisticated at the next winter wedding, try wearing a high neckline dress. It is always stunning and not only does it provide warmth, it looks super chic and elegant too.

Winter Wedding Guest Dresses yellow

Image - Winter Wedding Guest Dresses with Sleeves

Sequined or Metallic Dresses

Nothing adds a touch of glam to a winter wedding than sparkly dresses. Opt for silver, gold, or jewel-toned sequin dresses like this green number for a festive look.

Short Green Wedding Guest Dresses

Image - Short Green Wedding Guest Dresses


Dark, Rich Colours

Deep and rich colors such as burgundy, emerald green or navy blue are perfect for the season as they exude warmth and elegance. This simple and elegant emerald green dress adds some warmth in cooler temps.


Satin Emerald Long Wedding Guest Dress

Image - Satin Emerald Long Wedding Guest Dress

Full-Length Dresses

For a formal winter wedding, a full-length gown with a little train can be a stunning choice. Not only does it look stylish, it can also keep you warm. Just add a shawl or stole to complete the look.


Gray Green Long Guest Dress

 Image - Gray Green Long Guest Dress

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