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Will you Choose Velvet Bridesmaid Dresses For Your Fall or Winter Wedding?

by Ada Lalia 22 Oct 2022 0 Comments

Weddings are special in every season of the year: Whether in summer, winter, autumn or spring, it will always be a good season for a good wedding party.

When we plan a wedding, it's normal for us to think about which type of dress is best for each season and today I'm here to give you some tips on that.

In summer and spring, we tend to choose dresses made of lighter fabrics. But today our focus will be on winter and autumn, where we feel cold.

My tip for you when it comes to fabric, would be to wear velvet dresses. It's an elegant fabric and very warm. So you will be very chic and warm on this special day.

These types of fabrics usually attract a lot of attention from your guests for their beauty and originality. A very cool tip for weddings held in winter or autumn is the use of accessories.

This type of season allows us many possibilities to make the look more stylish. Here are some examples of accessories that look great with velvet dresses:

Fur coats, shoulder pads, hats, gloves, stoles, collars, among others.

Using these accessories your bridesmaid look for a winter or autumn wedding will be breathtakingly beautiful.Check out a selection of some beautiful models of VELVET BRIDESMAID DRESSES that I prepared with great care for you:

 Cheap Green Bridesmaid Dresses WinterThe first dress model on our list today is this model that has strapless sleeves that, by the way, are just a charm. The dark color of this model is pure elegance and a classic.

Rust Velvet Bridesmaid Dresses cheap

Here we have a model of dress in red color. It has a very discreet neckline and a well defined waist, which brings sensuality to the piece.

Velvet Bridesmaid Dresses For Fall Winter Wedding

This model has long sleeves and is perfect for very cold days. His waist is a little more marked too, which certainly adds to the charm of his fit on the body.

 Velvet Bridesmaid Dresses Black Winter

This model is beautiful for its slit that leaves part of the legs exposed and its cleavage. It will definitely make you more self-confident and very sensual.

Fall Wedding Black Bridesmaid Dresses Velvet

Here we have another example of a not basic black dress: The sleeve is cute, strapless style and on the legs we have a small slit. This model is perfect for more discreet women.

Infinity Bridesmaid Dresses Black Velvet

This cross-dress style is amazing! In addition to that it models the body super well, it is very stylish and modern. A modern bridesmaid certainly can't do without one of these.

Long Sleeves Bridesmaid Dresses Velvet

Here we have another long-sleeved dress model, this time in red and a little looser. This model is beautiful and very comfortable!

Emeral Green Bridesmaid Dresses Velvet

This model is just a charm: bare shoulder and pierced detail near the bust. A chic and different model is sure to draw a lot of attention from everyone.

This selection of dresses turned out very beautiful, huh? To buy any of them, just click on the photo or link corresponding to it and you will be redirected to the website page, or visit the My chicdress website link to know other beautiful models. Hope you enjoyed it, have a great day and see you in the next post!



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