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When Is The Right Time To Start Shopping For Bridesmaids Dresses?

by Ada Lalia 16 Sep 2022 0 Comments

Once you have confirmed your wedding date, found a venue and shopped for the perfect wedding dress, you can give yourself a pat on the back because you have settled some of the most important parts of the wedding preparation. The next thing on your list is to start thinking about bridesmaid dresses.  Getting your wedding dress first before you choose the bridesmaid dresses is important as your wedding dress will set the tone for the whole celebration and you would want your bridesmaid dresses to give off the same vibe. 

Bridesmaid dress shopping is not as nerve-wrecking as shopping for a wedding dress but it is no easy feat.  You are dealing with different budgets, body types, and style preferences. It can all be a little challenging but it doesn't have to be a stressful one. So what is the best time start shopping and placing orders for the bridesmaid dresses? Do read on for some tips on how and when to shop for best bridesmaid dress.  Royal Blue Stain Bridesmaid Dress

 Bridesmaid Dress Order Timeline 

There are several factors you need to take into consideration before you begin shopping for your squad. You need to have more time to do the research, confirm the dress styles with your bridal party, place order, leave enough time for delivery and alterations. 

Start With Research On The Bridesmaid Dresses

The first step is to do some research on what bridesmaid dress style, length, color, and material that you and your bridesmaids would like. You would also need to decide on the budget and let your bridesmaid know. Do your shopping with your bridesmaids so that you can get an idea how the dress would look like. Once you have decided on the dress type, check with online retailer on how long it takes to order the dresses.  If you are letting your bridesmaids pick out their own dress, you would need to let them know the color, style and material you have in mind. This will help them narrow down their choices faster and pick out the perfect dress.  

Fall Wedding Guest Dress Emerald Green


Order The Dresses Six Months Before The Wedding

The best time to order bridesmaid dresses is around six months before the wedding day. This is because some online wedding dress shop may take two to three months to get the dresses ready. Also, you need to give at least two months for alterations if any.  So, if you and your bridesmaids have picked out the gowns, the best time to place the order is around six months before the wedding.  

African Purple Wedding Guest Dress


Alterations : Two To Four Months Before The Wedding

Once your bridesmaids’ dresses arrived, you would need plenty of time for alterations and this can take some time. So you need to make sure that the dresses arrive a few months ahead so that your bridal party can go through alterations or any last minute alterations to fix anything. 

Final Confirmation : 1 Month Before The Wedding

Do set up your final fitting about one month before the wedding and not wait till the last minute. This is important to ensure that the seamstress is available to do any alterations especially during busy wedding and prom season.


Rose Gold Wedding Guest Dress

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