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What To Consider When Picking Out Flower Girl Dresses

by Ada Lalia 12 Oct 2023 0 Comments

When it comes to stealing the limelight from the bride, there is only one person who can do that and it is the flower girl. This sweet flower girl is always the center of attention before the arrival of the bride. If you are inviting a flower girl to join your bridal party lineup, then she would need a fancy dress because she has a big duty on this special day and you would want to make sure she looks the part.

As the flower girl is the first one to walk down the aisle, so her dress represents the theme or tone of the wedding. No matter what her age is, you will be able to find all kinds of dresses that will do the trick. While choosing the dress for the flower girl at your wedding party may seem simple and easy, there are many factors to consider.  Below are some useful tips to help you choose the best flower girl dresses for wedding and to ensure that she feels comfortable and confident.

Colors of The Flower Girl Dress

There is no hard and fast rule that dictates that your flower girl dress must match the color of your wedding dress. While many brides opt for classic ivory flower girl dresses to match their wedding dress color, you can also choose the dress that match the color of your bridal party. The flower dress style should match the overall theme of your wedding. If you are planning a seaside nuptial, a lightweight and flowy dress is a preferred choice over a tulle tutu style dress.

Boho Summer Flower Girl Dresses


Pick A Style That Reflects Her Age

While your bridesmaids can get away with sexy dresses, it is best to avoid flower girl dresses with plunging necklines. Simple dresses are great.

Cute White Flower Girl Dresses For Wedding


Select The Right Length

Remember to keep a few things in mind when selecting the length of the dress. It is better to choose a tea length dress for your flower girl if she is a young child as she could easily trip during the ceremony. Floor length dresses are best for older girls.

Lace Ivory Flower Girl Dresses


Choose Durable and Wrinkle-Resistant Fabric

When looking for flower girl dresses, do pay attention to the choice of fabric. Although silk is a great fabric, it can be prone to rips if your flower girl is not careful and this fabric often wrinkles easily. Lace flower girl dresses do not wrinkle easily and look romantic. Satin is also one of the best fabrics for flower girl dresses as it is comfortable and won't tear easily. 

Satin White Flower Gril Dresses


Take The Account The Season And Weather

If your wedding is taking place in summer, choose a short, light dress with short sleeves or sleeveless. For weddings in winter, you may layer the dress with a cardigan and tights to ensure that your flower girl is comfortable and not too hot or cold during the ceremony.

Cheap White Satin Flower Girl Dresses 2024


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