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What Is The Best Plus Size Formal Dress Styles?

by Ada Lalia 25 Sep 2023 0 Comments

Your social calendar must be filled with engagements like wedding, graduation celebration, parties and others to attend. This means that you are going to need to wear a nice outfit to these events. It can be very exciting to receive an invitation to attend a formal event but on the other, some of us may be concerned about how our outfits would look. Is it going to be formal enough? Is it flattering for me? This can be a nervous time especially for plus size women.

Curvy women should not sacrifice style for fit as there are more and more brands out there that are size-inclusive. One such online retail store is MyChicDress. There is wide range of good quality and gorgeous plus size formal dresses available for every style, budget and occasion.

Up Your Style With The Best Plus Size Formal Dresses From MyChicDress

Dressing up for a formal occasion can be intimidating if you are not confident with your body. These dress styles from MyChicDress below will give you a significant boost.

Ball Gown Plus Size Formal Dresses

One of the best dress styles for curvy women are ball gowns because this dress style creates a look that is dreamy and fairytale. A ball gown often features a fitted bust and waist with a flaring skirt. It creates an irresistible balance for the body, especially if you have larger hips and a smaller waist.

Green Ball Gown Formal Dresses


A-Lines Plus Size Formal Dresses

A-line dress styles are excellent plus-size dresses because these dresses feature an A-shaped skirt that flatters any body type. An A-line dress works perfectly to minimize wide size hips. On top of that, if you want to create additional curves, A-line dresses can do that too. No matter what is your natural waistline, an A-line dress highlights the perfect parts of your body to create a gorgeous appearance.

Yellow Plus Size Formal Dresses


Mermaid Plus Size Formal Dresses

Many people do not think that mermaid dresses are suitable for plus-sized ladies but these dresses can actually accentuate all the right curves and unique shape. A mermaid plus size formal dress is an excellent choice if you want to emphasize your pear shape.

Wine Red Sequin Plus Size Formal Dresses


Fitted Bodycon Plus Size Formal Dresses

A fitted formal dress will let you show off your fabulous curves. It is a super sexy style that hugs the curves of your body from the top to the bottom. A good tip is to wear a body shaper underneath this fitted dress to smooth things out.

Short Plus Size Prom Dresses Sequins


Sheath Plus Size Formal Dresses

Sheath dresses follow the body's natural curves and are fitted throughout the entire silhouette. This dress style will enhance the body shape and is highly flattering. 

Purple Lace Plus Size formal Dresses


Empire Plus Size Formal Wears

Empire dresses feature higher waistline that fall just below the bust. This is a popular plus-size dress styles as it does not have a defined waist and is slimming. These dresses have long, flowy skirts that are great for those with rounder shaped bodies. Plus size empire formal dress styles provide comfort and elegance to any figure, and they also elongate the petite, short bodies.

Simple Royal Blue Formal Dresses Plus Size


Royal Blue Lace Plus Size Formal Dresses

Discover true sophistication and luxury in this exquisite Simple Emerald Green Satin Prom Dress. Boasting a classic A-Line shape and double straps, this exquisite gown is delicately adorned with Hot Royal Blue lace appliqué and is sure to turn heads at your next formal event. Make an entrance with true grace and elegance in this stunning piece.

Royal Blue Lace Plus Size Formal Dresses


Emerald Green Plus Size Formal Gowns

Showcasing classic elegance, this Simple Emerald Green Satin Prom Dress with A Line Double Straps is a timeless choice for formal occasions. Crafted from luxuriant satin with a full-length skirt, this sleeveless dress is sure to make a luxe statement.



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