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Top 7 Cool Prom Nail Ideas 2023 for Your Big Night

by Ada Lalia 15 Mar 2022 0 Comments

The prom season is upon us very soon.  It is one of the most awaited major events in a teenager's life. It is the day to show up in beautiful and trendy prom dresses and gowns and have the time of their lives. Are you excited to dress up and look pretty for prom? Have you prepared your prom checklist? Bought your prom dress, shoes, makeup, and last but not least, have you decided on the prom nails?  If you haven't, well don't worry. You can find some cool prom nail ideas that will complete your look in the best possible way.

These days, nails have become one of the important fashion accessories. As such, there are many things to be considered when choosing your nails for. Your prom dress is definitely the most important of those things.  Do scroll ahead to find some cool nail ideas that will match your prom dress 2023

Nail Colors For Red Prom Dresses

Red is the color of passion and a nice, sleek, and believe it or not, long red dress will go well with red shades. Just go a few shades darker than your dress. If this is not for you, then you can consider a muted or nude manicure to complete your look. Adding a little sparkle to the nude nails is a great idea too.

sparkly prom Nails


Red Prom Dresses Lace 2023

                                                  Red UK Prom Dress


Nail Colors For Blue Prom Dress

For blue prom dresses, the trendy holographic nail is a good match. Or you can opt for metallic shades like silver.  If they are not your cup of tea, you can choose deeper nail hues such as wine red or plum.


burgundy prom nails color


                                                 Blue Prom Dress


Nail Colors For White Prom Dress

With a white dress, it is best to go for a classic baby pink shade. Wearing white is a great opportunity to choose a fun aqua or bright coral for your prom nails if you want something bright.


baby pink prom nails color


                                                 Simple White Prom Maxi Dresses


Nail Colors For Pink Prom Dress

If you are going in a pink prom dress, you may want to try something fun and unique like a fresh blue or mint green.  You could also choose bright, fresh white with some glitter over it.


fresh white prom nail color


Long Pink Prom Dresses

                                                 Pink UK Prom Dresses


Nail Colors For Gold Prom Dress

Complement a gold dress with a metallic gold shade or gold glitter nails for prom night. Other colors that look great with gold prom dresses are warm orange or red.


orange prom nail color



halter sequin evening dresses uk

                                                 Champagne Gold Sequin Prom Dresses


Nail Colors For Pastel Prom Dress

Choosing nail shades for pastel-colored dresses can be a little tricky.  A glittery look is a feminine way to complement the soft tone of a pastel dress.  The same goes for creamy hues. If you do not want to play around with contrasting shades, then choose something a shade deeper than the dress you are wearing. For example, if your dress is light blue, go with a deeper blue with the same undertone on your nails.


white prom nail color


simple uk prom dress yellow

                                            Pastel Yellow Prom Dress


Nail Colors For Black Prom Dress

Prom nails for black dress are a lot more versatile than you could ever imagine. Go for gold nails to add the necessary sparkle to your outfit. If you are not into sparkly nails, then any shade of red will do. Red is the classiest shade to match with black and they complement each other well.

red prom dress nail color


black sequin prom dresses uk

                                       Black Sequin Prom Dresses


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