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These 2024 Prom color trends you will love most

by Ada Lalia 08 Dec 2022 0 Comments

So you have been invited to prom and the next thing to do is to get ready! The time has come for you to steal the show in a gown that you have been dreaming of.  Choosing the right prom dress can turn your fantasies into reality. There are so many options in the market today and a world of possibilities awaits you.

Before you start looking for 2024 prom dresses, there are several things to keep in mind like what color should your prom dress be. It is important to choose a color that makes you feel good when you wear it, which in turns give you the self-confidence as you walk into prom. Knowing which color complements your skin tone is important to choose the right color that will flatter you and make you look radiant. There are three different skin tones categories that most people fall under - warm, cool, or neutral.

So what colors look good on me?

In order to choose the prom dress that is right for you, here are the different skin tones that you may want to check which one you belong to:-

Warm Skin Tone

If you fall into the warm undertone category with red or blonde hair and a hint of rosiness in the cheeks, go for earthy tones, like greens and browns. Neutral colors such as beige, navy, and gray will also work well with warm skin tones.

Cool Skin Tone

If you belong to the cool undertone category with dark hair and no color on the cheeks, opt for red and pink. Peachy hues are ideal and also jewel tones too for fair skin.

Medium Skin Tone

Jewel colors like blue, emerald, and turquoise compliment medium skin tones and bring out the skin’s warm undertones. Other jewel colors for medium skin tones include amethyst, sapphire and ruby.

A general rule is to select colors that are the same tones as your undertone. A quick and easy way to find out what matches is to place the color on your chest and neck to see if it makes your skin look brighter or dull.

2024 Prom Dress Color Trends

Now that you have an idea of what colors will complement your skin tone, below are the latest trending 2024 my chic prom dress colors.

Hot Pink Prom Dresses

If you have always have a thing for pink, well you are in luck because hot pink is trending right now. The bolder and brighter the shade is, the better it is. If you are planning to go in a hot pink dress to prom, well you are setting the trend for the most sought-after shade this year. 

Hot Pink prom Dresses

Image - Ball Gown Hot Pink Prom Dresses 2024


One Shoulder Pink Prom Dresses 2024 Sequin

Image - One Shoulder Pink Sequin Prom Dresses 2024

Green Prom Dresses

Whether it is forest or emerald green to sage green, this shade is having its moment now and will spill over to next year. No matter which tone or shade you are going to choose within the green family, it means that you are picking the It color of the year.


Long Green Satin Prom Dresses 2024

Image - Long Green Satin Prom Dresses 2024


2024 Green Prom Dresses

Image - 2024 Green Prom Dresses mermaid

Red Prom Dresses

Red is the color of confidence and inner strength. Nothing looks better than a girl showing her confidence. Therefore if you are planning to go to prom in a red dress, well My Chic Dress has got you covered with its range of impressive red prom dresses. 


Ball Gown Red Prom Dresses 2024

Image - 2024 Red Prom Dresses Ball Gown


Long Satin Red prom Dresses 2024

Image - Cheap Long Satin Red prom Dresses 2024

Metallic Prom Dresses

Whenever one thinks of prom dress colors, usually metallics are not what that come to mind. However, we could not help but mention this shiny and bright hue. If you have cool undertones, a blue metallic is great and if you have warmer undertones, yellow to reddish hues, like rose gold is ideal. So which metallic color are you going to pick to shine at the prom? 

Glitter Sequin Prom Dresses 2024

Image - Glitter Sequin Prom Dresses 2024


Glitter Burgundy Prom Dresses 2024

Image - Cheap Glitter Burgundy Prom Dresses 2024

Blue Prom Dresses

If you are gravitating toward a blue prom dress, well you will be glad to know that there is a wide variety of blue tones available. The spectrum of blues is pretty expansive and it depends on the mood or look you are going for. For a more serious vibe, try royal blue. If you are into something light and airy, a sky blue prom dress is a perfect choice.  

Royal Blue Satin Prom Dress 2024

Image - cheap Royal Blue Prom Dress Satin 2024


Light Blue Prom Dress Lace Backless




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