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The Most Popular Velvet bridesmaid Dresses Winter for the Trendy Bride

by Ada Lalia 19 Sep 2021 0 Comments

According to research, more than 30% weddings will take place in winter. So it is necessary to know about the trend for the winter weddings. Winter velvet bridesmaid dresses are good choice for the winter wedding because of its perfect warm material. 


As known, the wedding is the most important and happiest moment for the bride-to-be However, planing a wedding is an overwhelming and stressful task. Normally,the bride needs to start preparing and making sure everything would be perfect half year ahead of the wedding day.


The bridesmaids are one of the most important parts of the wedding and are expecting to be perfectly dressed, so looking for perfect long sleeve velvet bridesmaid dresses for them is also necessary. If you are planing a winter wedding, the popular colors for the bridesmaid dresses in winter will be considered. Mychicdress is a leading company in designing and making velvet bridesmaid dresses UK. According to the weddings held in winter 2020, they find the color trend which will also be popular this winter season.


The burgundy is always a classic color for the bridesmaid dresses. There are lots of brides chose the burgundy b in their wedding last winter season, some chose the similar velvet bridesmaid dresses rust color and the dresses are quite pretty.The burgundy is full of richness, which looks both classic and chic for winter. In the winter time, the velvet bridesmaid dresses burgundy will complement the changing leaves and add a beautiful color to your wedding.


burgundy bridesmaid dresses velvet
rust velvet bridesmaid dresses

The color of velvet dark navy bridesmaid dresses is mature and timeless for the bridesmaids. Moreover, dark navy is one of the most versatile colors, which could match other colors freely. 


Emerald green velvet bridesmaids dresses are found to be a new trendy for the winter weddings. Emerald is an elegant and mysterious color. The emerald is a really amazing color. This beautiful color is inspired, which is the key element to a fall jewel tone bridesmaid dress mix and match. One of the reasons why the emerald color could be the trendy is that it will bring out the best of the girls’ skin color, especially if they have fair skins. Moreover, this color also have an effect that makes girls look slim. As a universally popular color, emerald is especially ideal for winter weddings with a modern edge. Emerald green is just perfect for floor-length bridesmaid dresses, especially for the bridesmaid dresses velvet fabrics.


emerald green bridesmaid dress velvet

Of course, if the bride-to-be like a mix and match wedding, it will be an good idea to mix them up according to their own preference.

black velvet bridesmaid dresses
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