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The Best Wedding Gown For Pear-Shaped Women

by Ada Lalia 10 Jul 2022 0 Comments

Shopping for a beautiful and cheap wedding dress can get a little stressful. To reduce the stress, do keep in mind when it comes to wedding dress shopping always choose a dress that works for your body type. The most common body type among women is a pear-shaped body. The term “pear-shaped” comes from the shape of an actual pear. This body type means a wider hip than shoulders. A pear-shaped woman's body is usually smaller on top and they have larger hips, thighs and bottoms. A bride with a pear-shaped body may also have different sizes on the bottom half of the body. This makes it difficult to find clothing that fits well in all the right places.

What Wedding Dress Is Perfect For Pear-Shaped Brides

The majority of women had always dreamed of what their wedding dress would look like, for example, a fairy-tale-like princess wedding dress or for the modern brides, a sexy mermaid bridal gown. But, what about pear-shaped women? What type of dresses could fit this body shape? Flattering a pear-shaped body is all about highlighting the natural waistline.  If you have a pear-shaped body, this means you may want to choose a wedding dress with details on the bodice, a dress that cinches the waist like a fit and flare silhouette, or a natural waistline. This will draw attention to your upper body.  Ball gown wedding dresses and empire waists are also great choices. Another tip is to balance the shape with a dress that features wider straps, cap sleeves, bolero, or a fuller skirt. This will show off the small waist and create an hourglass silhouette.

Every bride deserves a well-fitting wedding gown no matter her size. The best wedding dresses will celebrate curves rather than hide them. If you are searching for the perfect dress for your pear-shaped body, ahead are some of the best wedding dresses from MyChicDress.

Highlighting The Upper Torso 

A strapless vintage wedding dress with a fitted bodice looks beautiful on a pear-shaped woman because it suits her slender arms. Adding a beautiful necklace can be a statement piece that highlights the neck, shoulder and arm when wearing a strapless lace wedding gown. Choose a ball gown lace wedding dress that is well-structured on top and in a simple design like delicate beading or lace overlay.Ball Gown Lace Wedding Dresses

Highlight The Waist 

A pink wedding dress with a fitted waist is also a great choice for a pear-shaped bride. Softly fitted waistline will draw attention to the curve and offer the illusion of an hourglass shape. Such lace wedding dresses pink will define and balance the pear-shaped figures.

pink lace wedding dresses


Choose The Right Skirt

The right skirt on the sheath lace wedding dresses will also bring out the best of the upper torso.  A skirt that is slender on the top and flares out towards the bottom like an A-line skirt is great for highlighting the slim midsection while a full skirt like a ball gown skirt will emphasize a slim waist and minimize the curve of the hips.

Floor Length Lace Wedding Gowns


Wedding Gowns With Detailed Tops 

Choose a vintage wedding dress that has beautiful lace details on the torso. This will flatter the smaller top half of your body. Some options include dresses with capes or sparkly bodices. Do avoid larger embellishments on the entire dress as this can make you look heavier.

cheap Vintage Lace Wedding Dresses


Ruching Details and Necklines

If you are a petite pear-shaped bride, you would look well in a gorgeous off the shoulder wedding dress that features ruching as this will make you appear svelte and gives it curves.  Dresses with ruching flatter wide hips with the full skirt. An A-Line wedding gown with ruching also makes petite brides appear taller. Look for wide necklines to balance out the proportion. Necklines like off-the-shoulder, V-necks, one shoulder, and halter necklines will give the illusion of a broader shoulder.

Off the Shoulder Wedding Dresses


Deep V-neck Wedding Gown

A boho lace wedding gown with a low or plunging V neckline is perfect because it draws attention away from your bottom and upwards to your neck, shoulders and cleavage. 

 Boho Wedding Dresses 2023


Empire Waist Wedding Gown

Dresses with an empire waist are most ideal for the pear body type petite brides. This style is defined by a wide waistline that sits just below the bust while the rest of the skirt flows down. The cinching of the waist and tummy area will give the illusion of length and camouflage the heavy bottom of the pear shape. 

ong Sleeves Ivory Lace Satin Wedding Dresses


Two Piece Wedding Dress

If you are a pear-shaped bride who wants to break from the tradition, you could choose a two-piece wedding dress. This style is great at focusing on your slim waist while also flattering your figure at the same time. Even with a two-piece outfit, you can still look chic, elegant and fun.

White Two-pieces Off the shoulder Lace Wedding Dresses




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