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The Best Bridal Jewelry For Every Wedding Dress Neckline

by Ada Lalia 16 Jul 2022 0 Comments

If you love accessorizing with jewelry and plan on wearing a necklace on your wedding day, a necklace, when styled perfectly can take your bridal look to a new level. That said, there are several factors to consider when styling your wedding gown with a choker, collar, pendant and more. Picking out the right necklace will depend on the neckline, dress style and details of the wedding gown.

When it comes to pairing the necklace with the neckline, balance is the key. A simple sheath dress can be elevated with the extra sparkle of a necklace. If your gown features crystals or beadings, wearing a necklace can complicate the look and feel overdone. You also need to consider your body type. If you are busty or wearing a dress with a belt, a necklace can add more weight to your top half. If your goal is to look taller, this will not work. The jewelry for your wedding day should complement your body type and proportions. Each piece should elevate the look and feel effortless, no matter how big of a statement it may be.

Ahead are some tips on how to find out which accessories work best with your wedding dress neckline.

Strapless Neckline

A strapless gown has a clean line and it creates a perfect background for a dramatic statement piece. Chokers are fab because they frame the face.  Many women especially celebrities have been spotted wearing longer necklaces that touch mid-chest or go even lower and yet still look fantastic. A pearl necklace is perfect for an unadorned satin dress, but if your dress is embroidered or has other embellishments, you may prefer simple chain and stud earrings. 

wedding jewelryBall Gown Lace Strapless Wedding Dresses


Straight Across Neckline

A straight-across gown has a modern feel and gives a princess feel. For the necklace, make sure it adds edge, color, or an ethereal vibe to the look. A choker is not suitable for this look, and a classic length pendant creates an imbalance that will likely conflict with the straight-across your bust. A collar necklace that sits above the collar bone adds a sparkly touch that is not only chic but adds edge. Over-the-top statement necklaces work best when they complement your bodice and remember not to overwhelm your top half.

wedding jewelry

Satin Ivory Wedding Dresses UK


A Plunging Neckline

With your decolletage exposed, you can wear a choker or a delicate lariat featuring a thin chain that wraps between your cleavage.  You can pair it with drop earrings to elongate your torso.

wedding jewelry

Beach Wedding Dresses Lace UK


A Scoop Neckline

A scoop neck is a feminine and traditional neckline, so you do not want to mix it with oversize jewelry. Go for a princess look with a tiara or a barely-there necklace.

wedding jewelry

Satin Ivory Wedding Dresses


Sweetheart Neckline

A sweetheart gown should be paired with a necklace that lies close to the neck such as collars and add a dose of sparkle without muddling the delicate look of this sweet neckline. A larger bust bride in a sweetheart strapless gown is regal and if you want to don a necklace, opts for something dainty. Should you have a smaller chest, a collar with sparkle could amp up your bodice and creates a balance for the fullness of a ballgown.

wedding jewelry

Sweetheart Vintage Lace Wedding Dresses


V Neckline

There is a misconception that when it comes to accessorizing a V-neck gown, the necklace must sit right in the open, V-shaped space but that is not true. Instead, the look is more balanced with lariat-style necklaces that come to an elongated line.  You can also try a collar with a design that draws the eye downward.  This will keep your frame and your neck elongated.

wedding jewelry

 Ivory Beach Boho Wedding Dresses UK


Off The Shoulder

When it comes to off-shoulder necklines, chokers work well no matter if the gown has a sweetheart or straight-across neckline.  Off-shoulder long-sleeved or straight-across necklines only requires minimal pieces. The sleeves of your gown will keep your eyes towards the waistline so this means that you can get away with a bold necklace.

cSequins Ball Gowns Wedding Dresses




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