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The 6 Perfect Fall Wedding Colors 2024 That Are Beyond Gorgeous

by Ada Lalia 07 Aug 2023 0 Comments

Fall is a highly popular wedding season, and for many good reasons. The weather is neither too warm nor too cold and guests can dress comfortably. The gorgeous changing leave colors make the perfect backdrop for weddings. If you are planning a fall wedding, chances are you already have your ideal fall wedding colors in mind. Creating a cohesive and elegant color palette for your bridesmaid dresses is important for your big day. However it can be rather difficult to make the choice.

If you are still planning and are unsure what are the best fall colors to dress your bridal party, well don't worry because here are perfect fall colors to set the tone for your big day.  These fall wedding colors are sure to look beautiful against an autumn backdrop. We offer color combinations, but feel free to take any ideas from our list and mix and match!

Best Autumn Wedding Colors

Earthy Tone

Earthy tones may remind you of the desert sun and this shade can be worn any time of the year. Rust is one of the hottest color for fall weddings as it is the color of autumn, making it a great color for your wedding. Best of all, rust bridesmaid dresses are uber-chic and look flattering on everyone.


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Burnt Orange Bridesmaid Dresses fall


Shades of Green

Fall is a wonderful time for an outdoor wedding and it makes it easy to embrace the greenery around you. Green shades are clear winners for weddings this year. It is a natural color palette that represents fresh and new beginnings. Emerald green makes a lovely fall color and is a meaningful choice for your bridesmaid dresses. This cool tone is showing up on many weddings even in winter. Whether you style your girl squad in slinky satin or luxe velvet, matching emerald green bridesmaid dresses to the foliage of your floral arrangements will ground your look.


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Fall Green Bridesmaid Dresses


Royal Blue

For brides who are looking to create a palette with cool undertones, royal blue is an ideal choice. This color is a popular choice to incorporate the Something Blue in a wedding. The rich royal blue tone gives off a regal vibe and is flattering on all skin tones and hair colors.


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Fall Royal Blue Bridesmaid Dresses



Deep reds like burgundy are a great color for the fall season because it complements the natural color of the season. This rich and elegant shade complements a wide range of skin tones and add warmth and depth to the wedding color scheme. Burgundy bridesmaid dresses are timeless and create a warm and inviting atmosphere for your big day. 

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Burgundy Fall Bridesmaid Dresses


Dark Purple

Elevate your fall wedding to a new level of sophistication with dark purple bridesmaid dresses. This deep, regal hue exudes elegance and will infuse your wedding day with a sense of opulence and grandeur. Deep purple is a versatile shade and flatters all skin tone. 

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Fall Dark Purple Bridesmaid Dresses


Red Bridesmaid Dresses

Red has and always will be a popular color choice for bridesmaid dresses. Besides complementing every season and every kind of  occasion from a glitzy affair to a beach wedding or winter wedding, red  is also flattering for bridesmaids of all ages and sizes.

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Red Bridesmaid Dresses Fall Wedding


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