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Stay on the latest bridal trend from Bridal Week 2023

by Ada Lalia 16 Dec 2022 0 Comments

The Bridal Fashion Week held not too long ago featured collections that are a bit different. With the return to a new sense of normalcy and the wedding boom year, there were many wedding dresses with remarkable looks. Designers have showcased jaw-dropping ballgowns to pay homage to traditional trends as well as a surge of contemporary dresses and colorful gowns.  There are more looks now to cater to brides of all aesthetics. 

Ahead are the top trends from the Spring / Summer 2023 collections. For those who are currently engaged and searching for the perfect wedding look, now is the best time to take note. 

High Neck Wedding Gowns

While high necks like turtlenecks bring to mind the cold weather essentials, next year brides will be adopting this high-neck silhouette while walking down their aisle in style. Royally inspired, this silhouette has been seen on celebrities like Ellie Goulding, Paris Hilton and Lady Kitty Spencer. The high neck wedding gown has increasingly grown in popularity in the recent few years.high neck lace wedding dressImage - long sleeves wedding dresses 2023 high neck

Wedding Dresses With Thigh High Slits

Sexy and sultry slits have been a staple of bridal fashion for years. However, if Bridal Fashion Week’s collection is any indication, they are bound to get even more provocative, with designers showcasing thigh-high slits that are anything but subtle.Beach Wedding Dresses With SplitImage – 2 Piece Beach Wedding Dresses With Split

Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses

As the bridal trends evolve to a more dramatic look, it is only natural that sleeves are becoming longer and more voluminous. This will give brides an elegant, timeless look. white Vintage Wedding Dresses With SleevesImage - Vintage 2023 Wedding Dresses With Sleeves


Tulle and wedding dresses go hand in hand and has been been a match made in heaven like forever. The new Bridal Trend 2023 collections are filled with wedding dresses in this beloved bridal fabric. Designers are welcoming tulle by constructing dresses made entirely of this fabric and gowns with voluminous tulle skirts to fit a variety of bridal styles.Lace Applique Wedding Dresses 2023Image – Lace Applique Wedding Dresses 2023

Sheer Fabrics

Many designers are opting for gowns that feature sheer fabrics and have taken bold designs to new heights.  Lace Beach Wedding Dresses 2023Image -  Lace Beach 2023 Wedding Dresses 

Asymmetrical Necklines

Necklines are always a trend to look out for each season, and one that is trending hard is the asymmetrical neckline. White Satin Wedding Dresses With CapeImage - cheap White Satin Wedding Dresses With Cape


From body hugging silhouettes to intricately designed corsets, this season has tastefully showcased what it means to be both bridal and sensual with designers sending dresses down the runway that are equal classic, sexy and effortless. For brides-to-be who would like to embrace their bodies and curves, there's definitely a boudoir-inspired wedding dress for you. Lace White Wedding Dresses LongImage - Long Lace White Wedding Dresses 2023

Elaborate Ballgowns

The demand for glamorous ballgowns is back, especially with the return of large-scale weddings. Expect to see breathtaking gowns for brides looking to feel like the belle of their ball this season. Do not underestimate the power of a ball gown, especially within bridalwear. Designers have been including this traditional silhouette in their collection season after season and there were different iterations of styles during the recent Bridal Fashion Week. Whatever your wedding style may be, you can never go wrong with feeling like the princess of the ball on your big day.Ivory Tulle Lace Wedding Dresses Ball GownImage - Ivory Lace Wedding Dresses Cheap



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