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PROM DRESSES 2023: Find The Guide To Take Care of Your Prom Dress

by Ada Lalia 05 Mar 2022 0 Comments

After you have found the dress of your dreams, you would want to make sure that you know how to properly care for your prom dress. A special occasion dress or prom dress is an investment and should be treated with care. It is normal to take the dress out, try it on repeatedly and model it for your family and friends.  These dresses are very delicate because they may be made from tulle or lace material or have beadings or embellishments. Here are some useful tips on how to care for your prom dress, treat stains and preserve your dress after the dance.

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Guide On How To Take Care Of Your Prom Dress 2023  


What To Do When Your Prom Dress Is Here

  • When your prom dress arrives, carefully unpack it and check the dress from top to bottom.  Make sure all the embellishments, hemlines and seams are intact.  Contact customer service immediately if you find any problems with the dress.
  • Try on the dress with your undergarments on and shoes and accessories that you are going to wear on that night to see the overall look. Check to see if any alterations are needed.
  • To ensure that your prom dress is wrinkle-free, store it properly until the big night arrives. The best ways are to lay the dress flat or hang it up. You may want to select the right hanger in order to avoid creating bumps or stretching the shoulders. It is a good idea to hang the dress inside out to avoid snagging the beads, sequins or stones.


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How To Get Rid Of Wrinkles On Your Prom Dress 

If your prom dress has wrinkles, you can have it professionally steamed to get rid of them. If you would like to treat it at home, remember to read the manufacturer’s label for care instructions. Different fabrics require different types of cleaning methods. One of the home care methods is to hang the dress in the bathroom with a hot shower running to let the steam remove the wrinkles. If this does not work, you can use a cool dry iron and press through a piece of white cloth to protect the dress. Avoid storing the prom dress with other garments so that there is no color bleeding or wrinkles.2023 Burgundy Prom Dresses Floor Length


How To Remove Stains From Your Prom Dress


No matter how careful one can be, stains happen.  When it comes to stains on your prom dress, the first thing to do is to act fast so that the stain does not saturate the dress fabric. There are several cleaning tips for treating different types of stains. Follow the manufacturer's care instructions for the dress. Rub the stain from the back of the fabric. Use a clean white towel to blot the stains.  Do not dry or iron a stained dress until the stain has been removed. 

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 Snagged Your Dress At Prom? Here's What You Should Do.

In order to avoid snagging your prom dress, do consider the fabric of your dress. Choose your accessories carefully. Bring along a small sewing repair kit or have double-sided tape ready in your bag.  Those things are a lifesaver during wardrobe malfunction. 

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How To Store Your Prom Dress After Prom 2023

Your prom dress is an investment that you would want to cherish for years to come.  You can keep it so that you can pass it to your sibling for her prom or you can even wear it again on other formal occasions. The key to preparing your dress for storage is the care and cleaning part. You can have your prom dress dry cleaned according to the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions. This will help to minimize any color fading and also extending the durability of the dress. Store the dress in a storage box with a few packets of silica gels to absorb moisture and keep mold away.  

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