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Not Sure What Wedding Dress Styles Suit You? Check Out These 5 Popular Wedding Dress Silhouettes

by Ada Lalia 22 Apr 2024 0 Comments

What is the best wedding dress silhouette for my body type? This is often the question the many brides ask themselves when they begin to search for the perfect dress. Shopping for a wedding dress is one of the most fun, exciting parts of your wedding planning journey. After all, it is something special just for you and also one of the things that you are keeping it a secret from your husband-to-be. However, if you are not familiar with the different wedding dress styles, it can be rather intimidating to know what to look for.

What you wear on this important day will be in all the photos and every time you look back at your wedding, you will remember that magical feeling you experienced when stepping into your dream gown on your big day. There are many different wedding dress styles available and finding what works for your body type can be mind-boggling. Well don't worry because ahead are 5 of the most popular wedding dress silhouettes that you can take a look and decide which one is best for your body type.

5 Most Popular Wedding Dress Silhouette That Brides Love

Princess Ballgown Wedding Dresses

If your dream is to wear a dress that exudes vintage vibes but with modern details, then a ball gown may be the perfect dress. Usually, the ball gown dress will a fitted or sculpted bodice that accentuates the waist while the skirt dramatically flares out and is voluminous. The skirt will have layers of tulle underneath it for added volume. The ball gown wedding dress is best for brides who want to cinch her waist and not to worry about their lower tummy or hip area. A ball gown wedding dress is best suited for women with a pear shape body. It is a great choice to emphasize the smaller upper torso while the skirt offers coverage for the lower tummy and hips. Ball gowns work great for tall brides too as the elongated figure can handle a lot of volume on the skirt without making the brides look short.

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A-Line Wedding Gowns

If you love the effect of a ball gown but want something that is a little more subtle, then an A-line gown is the perfect style for you. Just as it is called, the skirt looks like a capital 'A' which is softer and more romantic. The skirt flares out more sharply in a triangle shape rather than a round shape. A-line gowns are universally flattering and it is, again, the perfect style for balancing the broad shoulders to create the illusion of height while slimming down the the lower half of the body. The volume of an A-line gown will be able to balance the upper body, thus making it a good choice for brides who have bigger bust. This dress style also works for petite curvy body shapes and hourglass body shapes too.

Compared to a ball gown, an A-line dress is an easier style to wear for a shorter bride in terms of comfort and mobility. Having a slight volume on the bottom of the dress also makes A-line wedding dresses a stunning choice for apple shaped brides because it helps to balance out the silhouette.

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Mermaid Wedding Dresses

The mermaid wedding dress style is one of the popular wedding dress silhouette. Just as it is named, a mermaid wedding dress is similar to a mermaid where it is fitted through the bust, waist and hip, and it dramatically flares out at the knee to create the mermaid-tail effect. A mermaid wedding gown hugs the silhouette and elongates the bodice. This dress style is universally flattering and fits a wide range of body types, especially for brides with hourglass figures as having a bit of volume on the lower body will help to balance a curvy hip and gives a dramatic result. Although mermaid dresses are fitted, they still allow plenty of room at the bottom to move around. If you have the curves and want to show them off, a fitting gown that hugs the silhouette like a mermaid wedding gown is perfect.

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Fit-n-Flare Wedding Dresses

Having a wedding dress that is both flattering for your body shape while also keeps with the theme of your big day is the perfect combination for a dream gown. Nothing feels modern yet timeless than a fit and flare gown. There are many different types of wedding dresses out there and fit and flare wedding dress styles are the best as they work for many body types including pear shape, curvy, hourglass, or athletic body shape. The difference between a fit and flare gown and a mermaid gown is where the skirt begins to flare away from the fitted top. A fit-and-flare styles has the highest flare point while mermaid styles having the lowest. A fit-n-flare wedding dress hugs the body in all the right places to create the perfect curves and accentuate the smaller areas, which is the perfect silhouette that many brides desire. 

This silhouette also offers the same effect of an A-line silhouette except for a more well-defined waist and roomy skirt from the latter. Whether you are petite or have curves, a fit-n-flare wedding dress will look great on you because this dress silhouette resembles the hourglass shape.

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Sheath Wedding Dresses

When choosing a wedding dress style, you have to ask yourself which part of your body do you want to highlight? If you want a dress that will emphasize height, then a sheath wedding gown is the best style for those who are tall and petite as well. Sheath wedding dresses are straight from the top to the bottom and the flowing streamlined silhouette will create height. Therefore a sheath wedding dress is one of the most stunning dresses for shorter brides because the straight lines of this dress will help to give the illusion of being taller. It is also one of the best styles for tall brides who want to show off her height.

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Look Glam With MyChicDress Wedding Dresses

Now that you are familiar with the different wedding dress silhouettes, you can make a better decision on which dress style to wear for your special day. If you do not know where to shop, well head over to MyChicDress. We have many gorgeous and affordable wedding dresses for you to choose from,

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