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Must Have Accessories For Winter Weddings

by Ada Lalia 11 Nov 2023 0 Comments

Are you saying I Do in winter? Weddings in winter are truly magical for many reasons. A winter wedding is the time of long sleeves, faux fur, boots and more. As a cold weather bride, there are many benefits such as having warm and cozy wedding palette and gorgeous snow landscape as backdrop. The cold weather means you would need to have the perfect wedding dress with all the necessary warming accessories for that touch of winter magic to complement your bridal look.

A wedding in winter can be brutal especially for brides who opt for strapless or short sleeve wedding gowns. If you do not want to sacrifice your wedding day style by rocking an oversized puffer jacket, you can still defy the cooler temperatures and go for the elegant look with cozy winter accessories. From cozy shawls to trendy winter boots, the best wedding accessories are stylish and practical. Ahead are some of the must-have winter wedding accessories that will help you and your bridal squad to stay warm and gorgeous on your big day.

Cozy Winter Wedding Accessories To Complete Your Bridal Look

Winter Jacket For Bride

Going outdoor in a sleeveless gown is probably not the best idea. To keep you warm and toasty, you can go for a stylish jacket for an edgier contrast. This sleeveless spaghetti strap lace wedding dress can be layered over with a stylish jacket

spaghetti strap lace wedding dress

Image -

This white jacket is given an extra special touch by the custom-made calligraphy as you are getting ready to change your last name. The pearl details and stitching are feminine and cute while the denim fabric gives it an edgy touch.

White Personalized Bridal Jacket


A Cozy Faux Fur Stole

A little snow is in the forecast? Well that is not enough to deter you and your wedding party especially when you are all wearing faux fur stoles. Cozy, warm and beautiful, faux fur stoles are one of the favorite wedding accessories for winter brides. Not only are they practical, they also look incredible against the snowy background. The stoles also work seamlessly with a variety of wedding styles whether it is boho, vintage or glam soirees.

Lace Formal Wedding Dresses

Image -

 Faux Fur Bridal Stole


Elegant Shawl Or Wrap

If you want to be only one wearing a dramatic faux fur stole, well that's perfectly alright because it is your big day after all and you deserve to stand out. In this case, elegant shawls are great for your bridal party. You can wear a statement stole while the rest of your bridal squad wear shawls with their velvet dress. Another benefit to choose shawls is that they make the best bridesmaid gifts for your best friends. Your girl tribe can re-use them again for other formal soiree or as a chic scarf in winter.


Emerald Green Velvet Bridesmaid Dresses

Image -

This cozy knitted bridesmaid shawl is the perfect choice for cold-weather weddings. It looks best when paired with an emerald green velvet bridesmaid dress for a classic and romantic look that will keep your besties warm.

 Winter wedding shawl


Elegant Cape

For a more stylized look, you can choose to wear a nice cape over a simple satin or silk wedding dress.  The faux fur trim of this cape add a bit of drama to the look while offering warmth on a chilly winter day. It looks beautiful when the hood is put down and the cape is draped off the shoulders. 


Satin Ivory Wedding Dresses

Image -


Faux Fur White Winter Wedding Cloak


Stylish Gloves Or Mittens 

Gloves can make your winter wedding all the more glamourous. If the temperature is below freezing, then wearing mittens are much warmer and can give your bridal outfit a more cozy look.


Cheap Satin Wedding Dresses


 Winter Gloves on a Wedding

Bridal Gloves with Pearls

Long Pearl Accented Sleeve Bridal Gloves

With these stunning winter wedding accessories, you and your bridal party are sure to look absolutely gorgeous on your big day.


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