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How To Stand Out At Your Homecoming Party

by Ada Lalia 14 Sep 2023 0 Comments

The countdown has begun. With each passing day, the homecoming event gets closer and closer. If you still haven't picked out your dress or made hair appointment, well, it is time to do so now. This year is a great time to to debut a fabulous style that will complement the biggest event of the season. Standing out at a school dance is not an easy thing. It can be rather daunting to put yourself out there.

This article is a guide to help you put together an unforgettable HOCO look from head to toe that is sure to get you excited for your big night.


One of the ways to accentuate your high school homecoming look is to have a gorgeous hairstyle. If you have long hair, you can wear it down in sleek soft waves for an elegant and minimalist look. Other stunning ways for your hairdo is to opt for a stylish updo with a few loose tendrils if you have curly hair or go with a sleek high ponytail if you have straight hair. For medium length hair, a good style to try is half up and pull the hair back with a clip or braid for an ethereal look. If you have short hair, you can style your chic hairstyle with statement hair accessories like a barrette or oversized clip. This is a fun look that will set you apart.

 homecoming hairstyle



For a creative and bold style, you can add a pop of color with a combination of white liner and crimson lips. Metallic eye makeup shades like silver or bright blue is another standout choice. If you prefer a softer makeup, you can go for a monochromatic look with blush pink on the eyelids, cheeks and lips.

 homecoming makeup



Dress up your HOCO look with accessories is fun. If your dress is a more elaborate, then it is better to pick minimal accessories that can complement it. If your homecoming dress is on the simple side, more ornate accessories can glam up your look.

 homecoming accessory


When it comes to shoes, you may want to pick a pair that matches your overall look and is comfortable to wear all night long. The classic ankle strap heel shoes are sophisticated and versatile. You can wear it to HOCO and also other special events.  If your dress is simpler, you can opt for heels with details such as satin lace straps or shoes with rhinestones. A clutch is also a great choice for your ensemble.

 homecoming shoes


Statement Homecoming Dresses

You can make a statement at your homecoming by choosing a dress with the right colors, fabrics and style. When choosing a dress in your signature style, fabric plays an important role. For this season, sequins, satin and velvet are plenty. You may want a dress sequins or organza for an airy feel. Iridescent sequins are perfect for a bold and standout look.

Cutouts are a major trend this season and so are feminine details such as bows, corset-style bodice, feathers or fringe. These styles are both elegant and striking.

Satin Corset Bodice Homecoming Dress

Short Satin Bodycon Homecoming Dresses


One Shoulder Purple Cutout Homecoming Dress

Purple One Shoulder Homecoming Dress


As for the color of the homecoming dresses, saturated shades like fuschia, purple, emerald green, red, blue silver and gold are trending hard and will make a memorable entrance.

Fuschia Lace Homecoming Dress

Short Fuchsia Lace Homecoming Dress


Long Sleeve Glittering Sequin Homecoming Dress

Short Long Sleeves Sequin Prom Dresses


With these tips for your homecoming look, confidence and style, you will definitely stand out at your homecoming dance.


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