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How To Choose The Perfect Formal Dress For Your Body

by Ada Lalia 02 Sep 2023 0 Comments

Whether you are attending a black tie or an evening event, you would need to have the perfect gown that best reflects you. It is a gown that offers a flattering fit for your body type and a one that shows off your curves in the best way. When shopping for a formal dress, there are many elements to take into consideration.

You would need to look at the dress code and also ensure that the color of the formal dress you are going to wear is in the right shade, and if the dress balances your body's natural shape. There are many different body types such as hourglass, apple, pear, rectangle and everything in between. Figuring out which body shape you belong to will help you to find the right formal look.

In order to make your shopping easier, below are some of the common body types and what formal dresses are most flattering for each body type.

What Is Your Body Type?

Take measurements of your bust, waist and hip circumference. Then compare the proportions of your shoulders, waist and hips. Determine which area is wider or narrower in comparison.

Hourglass Figure - You will have an hourglass figure if your bust and hips are wider than your waist.
Pear shape - If your hips are wider than your bust and you have a well-defined waist, then you probably have a pear-shaped body.
Apple shape - For apple shape body, your bust is wider than your hips and you have more weight around the midsection.
Rectangle shape - A rectangle shape body is where the bust, waist, and hips are of similar width and you have minimal waist definition.

Best Formal Dresses For Apple Body Shape

The apple body shape usually has slim legs and thighs but a wider upper body. The best formal dresses for apple body shape are those that feature a well-defined waist around the midsection such as an empire waist. Necklines such as deep V-neck or sweetheart neckline will look gorgeous and so is an off the shoulder style.Black Tie Wedding Guest Dress


You can also show off your legs with a dress with a high slit.Satin Sage Green Wedding Guest Dresses


Best Formal Dresses For Hourglass Body Type

An hourglass body type has a narrow waist with a fuller bust. The hips are about the same width as the bust. This is the most coveted shape. Figure hugging styles like mermaid dresses that show off the natural silhouette are the best choice.Emerald Wedding Guest Dress Satin


A dress with a high neckline will accentuate the hourglass figure even more.Winter Emerald Green Bridesmaid Dresses Velvet


Best Formal Dresses For Pear Body Type

A pear body shape has a narrower upper body with wider hips, thighs, and bottom. In order to balance this body shape, all you need is to pick a dress that will draw attention upwards and feature a  flowing skirt for the lower half of the body. Pear shape body types look amazing in a halterneck or plunging bodice dress. The bodice is the focal point and will make a statement. An A-line skirt is a fantastic choice for pear shape figures because they flare at the waist to create balance.Red Long Formal Dresses Lace


Best Formal Dresses For Rectangle Body Shape

A rectangle body shape is well balanced on the top and bottom, and does not have a well-defined waist. This is often known as an athletic body shape. The best type of formal dresses are those that feature empire waist, ruching and fit and flare dresses. These will draw attention to the waist and give it a fuller look to balance the figure.

Simple Green Prom Dress



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