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Best Places To Buy Bridesmaid Dresses In The UK

by Ada Lalia 17 Mar 2023 0 Comments

Shopping for bridesmaid dresses can be a little overwhelming as you are shopping for a group of women who have different tastes, body shapes and styles. Well it does not have to be that way if you know where to shop.  In order to make bridesmaid dress shopping more fun, online shopping in the comfort of your home will surely make everything easier.

There are many bridesmaid dress retailers that have tones of beautiful options that let you browse at your own time. Many online retailers are now making it easier to find gowns that you and your girls actually love without all the added stress. You can narrow down your options and make comparisons easily. Below are some of the pros on buying bridesmaid dresses online.

  • Buy all the dresses at one time and invite your bridal party over to try them on.
  • You can save money by looking for special sales and discount codes.
  • Avoid wasting time by going from store to store
  • It is easy to compare prices when you have a few tabs open and shop around for deals

Here are the best places to buy bridesmaid dresses UK online in 2023

  1. Coast

Coast is a go-to for traditional and elegant bridesmaid dresses. Their styles tend to be more classic and modest in design. The dresses can be mixed and matched across your wedding party.

  1. Ghost

If you want to indulge, you can consider Ghost for their timeless, silk bridesmaid dresses.  These popular choices are available from soft taupe to jewel toned burgundy.  Ghost's collection feature silhouettes that are designed with a bias-cut that will showcase and flatter your bridesmaids' body shapes.

  1. ASOS

This clothing retailer has a plethora of bridesmaid dresses online for a variety of wedding styles. Not only will you find bridesmaid dresses from their own design, there are other brands like Topshop, Villa and more.

  1. My Chic Dress

My Chic Dress is one of the most favorite online retail stores that offers high quality bridesmaid dresses with hundreds of styles in different colors. Their wide range of size-inclusive, timeless and trendy options have bridesmaids obsessed. Whether you are looking for long sleeve bridesmaid dresses, sage green bridesmaid dresses, mismatched bridesmaid dresses or something whimsical for your squad, there will be a bridesmaid dress that your girls will adore. Best of all, their dresses are budget-friendly too.

cheap  Emerald Green Bridesmaid Dresses
Multiway White Bridesmaid Dresses


Mismatched African Green Bridesmaid Dresses
Royal Blue Satin Bridesmaid Dress

Long Mismatched Dress

  1. Reformation

Founded in 2009, Reformation has a big celebrity following in the likes of Adele, Taylor Swift and Kendall Jenner. Their bridesmaid dresses are chic and they are something that your girls will actually wear again. Reformation is also one of the go-to stores for petite looks that don't sacrifice on style.

  1. Jenny Yoo

Jenny Yoo has a line of bridal party gowns that will make the chic bridesmaids shine. Its collection is airy and timeless with a focus on details. Jenny Yoo's gorgeous gowns are available in over 50 different shades, making it easy to find the perfect pick regardless of your wedding theme.


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