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7 Color Palettes for A Winter Wedding Day

by Ada Lalia 03 Sep 2022 0 Comments

Weddings in winter are kinda magical and are now becoming a favorite winter season for couples. This whole season is filled with a sense of cozy charm and also with the holidays, bringing a sense of togetherness to your big day. If you are planning a winter wedding, one of the most important steps during the planning process is to choose the right winter wedding colors. This step will make your wedding feel unique and personalized.

Winter weddings are dreamy, sophisticated and intimate, making it primed for bold statements for the color palettes. The list of colors associated with winter weddings is plenty, from festive favorites to pinks, greys, blues, emerald green and more. You can draw inspiration from color motifs such as romantic berry red, icy blues, and greens as this season offers so many unforgettable and gorgeous combinations. If you are looking to curate the perfect cold season celebration, read on for some on-trend color palettes that will wow everyone at the wedding.

Emerald + Gold

The emerald green and gold color palette captures the richness and glamour, making it a wedding theme that is enchanting. Choosing the color emerald green for your wedding is a remarkably good choice. You can incorporate this combo into your table setting and wedding cake. Get the groomsmen to have emerald green ties and have your bridal party dressed in velvet emerald green bridesmaid dresses.

Winter Emerald Green Bridesmaid Dresses Velvet Wedding Guest Dress Short Sleeves


Black + White

Although wedding trends change every year, there is something very classic about a white and black wedding. This color scheme is simple yet timeless and always in style. From the white wedding dress and groomsmen's suits in black to black bridesmaid dresses, your wedding will look elegant and contemporary.

Mermaid Black Halter Bridesmaid Dresses Sleeveless With Sash


Burgundy + Navy

This color combination is perfect for cold-weather weddings because of the deep shade. Do keep in mind to pair it with either white or peach to show off the rich shades. Find your favorite elements to add these 2 colors to your special day such as burgundy bridesmaid dress, navy groomsmen suit and bridal bouquet.

Black Girl Long Bridesmaid Dresses Off Shoulder Burgundy Wedding Guest Dress


Red + Green

We cannot have a color palette list by leaving out red and green. This classic palette is a symbol of the holiday season and will get everyone in the party mood. There are lots of ways to pull this off without it feeling too corny. Try using greenery, flowers and ribbons to achieve the look.

Focus on one hue more than the other to provide a subtle holiday feel, or go all out with bright red and white details with plenty of greenery to take on the seasonal look completely.

Simple Mermaid Long Red Bridesmaid Dresses With Sleeve



An all-white bridal reception is incredibly classic and will never go out of style. This tone matches the color of the snow and works perfectly well with wedding nuptials. Many couples are opting for this single color and this wedding style means that everyone from the bride, bridegroom, bridesmaids and wedding guests will wear white. An all-white wedding is stunning and sets a modern feel. It represents a new beginning just like the new year and also your marriage. You can have white flowered trees that look as if they are covered with snow, acrylic chairs and the entire decor in just white. Your wedding will transform into a modern winter wonderland.


White Satin Bridesmaid Dresses Mermaid Square Floor Length Wedding Guest Dress



Metallic wedding colors can instantly elevate the decor of your wedding. With metallics, you can create an ultra festive setting.  Try pairing metallic gold and silver with black. Dressing up your bridal party in gold bridesmaid dresses will add a different hue to the wedding setting.


Hot Off The Shoulder Mermaid Gold Sequin Bridesmaid Dresses With Split


Blue + White

Blue and white combination is classic, clean and crisp. This color palette is modern, always trendy, elegant and works well in any season and not only for winter weddings. White bridal gowns, blue bridesmaids' dresses and wedding bouquets in white will make a cohesive look. 

Floor Length Sweetheart Chiffon Navy Blue Bridesmaid Dresses




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