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How To Coordinate Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

by Ada Lalia 21 Jun 2022 0 Comments


Modern brides these days would like to outfit their bridal party with mismatched bridesmaid dresses.  The days of everyone wearing the same dress are less popular now. More and more brides want their wedding to have a unique bridal party featuring gorgeous dresses in different fabrics, styles, hemlines and colors.

Why mismatched bridesmaid dresses you asked?  There are many reasons why some brides opt for mismatched bridesmaid dresses. One of the reasons is that it lends a unique look to the wedding party. There are no other bridal party that will look exactly like yours.  Also, with different dress styles or colors, it allows your squad to be most confident and comfortable on your big day because they can choose a gown that will flatter their size, shape and style.

There are four different ways when it comes to mismatched bridesmaid dresses that you can choose to follow.


  1. Same bridesmaid dress style, different colors

If you have found a dress that you like and would want the same silhouette for all, you can choose same bridesmaid dress style in different colors.

cheap White Bridesmaid Dresses
Cheap Bridesmaid Dresses Burnt Orange
  1. Different bridesmaid dresses, same color

You can pick your favorite color with the different dress designs that will best fit your bridesmaids.  This is the simplest ways to make up the mismatch bridal party look.

One shoulder pink mermaid silhouette dress with slit

Cheap African Pink Bridesmaid Dresses

Off-shoulder foldover neckline mermaid silhouette dress


Pink strapless mermaid silhouette bridesmaid dress with sweetheart neckline

Blush Pink Satin Bridesmaid Dresses


  1. Mix styles and colors, same shades

Mixing color can be rather difficult so you may want to be on the safe side by choosing different colors from the same shade. You can choose from light to dark color of the same shade.  Colors with the same undertone offers a gorgeous ombre effect that will look stunning in photos and will wow your guests.  These bridesmaid dresses below are in different shades of the same purple color palette.

Spaghetti strap draped shoulder purple dress in A line silhouette

Purple Chiffon Bridesmaid Dresses

Sleeveless wrap bodice with V-neckline purple bridesmaid dress in sheath silhouette.

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Dark purple off shoulder mermaid silhouette bridesmaid dress.

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4  Mix style and colors, different shades

This may be the hardest lineup to put together but it is also a stunning way to mix and match the bridesmaid dresses. Do keep in mind that you would need to select the color very carefully in order for all the colors to pull together. Pastel tones or jewel tones complement each other very well and they will look stunning on your bridesmaids when mixed together.  Get your bridal squad to rock different jewel toned colors such as orange, red, blue and green.

Orange asymmetrical one shoulder bridesmaid dress in mermaid silhouette

Orange Wedding Guest Dresses

Off Shoulder Burgundy Bridesmaid Dress

Burgundy Chiffon Boho Bridesmaid Dresses

Off shoulder foldover neckline mermaid satin bridesmaid dress

Royal Blue Mermaid Bridesmaid Dresses

Off shoulder emerald green bridesmaid dresses in mermaid silhouette with a thigh slit

Black Girl Emerald Green Bridesmaid Dresses



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